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About Us

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Edmonton, Alberta
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About Us

Canadian Superior Plating was founded in 1992 and has grown to service clients across Canada and the United States. The head office is in Quebec City, Quebec with the main shop being located in Edmonton, Alberta. There is also another branch in Buffalo, New York, USA

The process we use is a well-engineered, advanced method of electroplating localized areas without the use of an immersion tank. The process has been industry-accepted practice for over 40 years, with numerous commercial, military and federal specifications.

Over 25 pure metal deposits and alloys can be precisely deposited on select areas of our components without any heat or thermal distortion. The process is best suited for plating localized areas on internal diameters, external diameters and flat surfaces.

Brushplating can be done manually to resize, repair or enhance specific areas of your components. Because the process is portable, it can be used anywhere in the shop or in the field.

We Can...

  • Bring the equipment in-house to take control of your plating operations, eliminating shipping costs and delays, and giving you the flexibility to plate your parts when you need them.
  • Send our highly trained technicians on-site and ready to plate on very short notice, OR you can send your parts to our convenient location and we will give you the quality and turnaround time you need.

Let Canadian Superior Plating take control of your metal finishing needs.

For more information, call (780) 414-6062 or .

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