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Power Generation


Top: Resize turbine shaft, bearing journal.

Mid and bottom: Silver plating on bus bars to improve electrical contact.

We Can...

  • repair components in place
  • reduce equipment downtime
  • eliminate expensive disassembly and shipping costs
  • provide a permanent cost effective repair


  • Gear boxes; bearing fits
  • Bus bars; improve electrical contact
  • Diesel engine: resize turbocharger bearing journals, restore sleeve seats, repair crankshaft and camshaft bearing diameters, salvage bearing saddles
  • Containment vessels; touch up electroless nickel
  • Generators; repair bearing housings, rotor journals and commutators
  • Turbines; resizes turbine shaft couplings, steering diameters, bearing journals, and turbine wheels.
  • Valves; repair defects in seat areas of gate valves, disc valves, and needle valves. Restore worn packing areas on valve stems.

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