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Pulp and Paper

Reap the benefits of using our process of selective electroplating, a method of plating specific areas without immersing the part. Over 100 plating solutions are availble to provide deposits of excellent quality on all commonly used metals and alloys.

Slective Plating is a versatile method that can be used for many different, demanding OEM and repair applications on pulp and paper plant machinery and equipment. This portable process can be used both on site and in the shop. Our certified technicians can do the work at your facility or in our facility located in Alberta. We are prepared to meet unexpected problems, and respond to your needs with fast and expert service.

We can...

  • Resize worn or mismachined bearing diameters
  • Enhance existing surfaces
  • Apply corrosion resistant coatings
  • Perform permanent, cost effective repairs


  • Suction Rolls: bearing diameters
  • Press Rolls: bearing diameters
  • Dryer Rolls: bearing diameter heads
  • Pumps: bearing housings, impeller bores, shaft bearing journals and seal areas
  • Electric Motors: bearings housings, rotor journals, bus bars
  • Power Generating Machinary: connenting rod bores, flange faces, steam turbine bearing journals
  • Hydraulic cylinders: Cylinder rods, scratch filling, defect repair

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